Matt Broughton, GUE Instructor

Matt Broughton, GUE Instructor

Hi there!

I’m Matt, a scuba diving instructor based in beautiful Japan. I teach primarily for Global Underwater Explorers, but I also hold instructor certifications for Scuba Diving International and Technical Diving International.

Whether you are just looking to get started with diving, or are super experienced and looking to expand your diving, I have something for you. Reach out and we can work together to make sure you have meaningful dives while having a whole lot of fun!


I started diving in 2000 when my best friend persuaded me to sign up for diving lessons. I was hooked ever sense. Currently, I have over 1500 dives in various different conditions around the world. More than 100 of those dives have been in caves and more than 100 of them have been deeper than 50m using trimix and decompression gasses.

I love to share my passion for diving and my passion for good diving practices. I enjoy training divers to be independent and aware through the development of strong foundational skills.

Matt’s Diving Certifications

  • GUE Fundamentals Instructor

  • GUE Rec 1 Instructor

  • GUE Cave 2 diver

  • GUE Tech 2 diver

  • GUE CCR 1 diver

  • TDI Intro to Tech Instructor

  • SDI Open Water Scuba Instructor

  • PADI Divemaster

  • Assorted other certifications